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News……. 20th November 2013

The Little School opened in its new premises in September.

The children are delighting in the big, sunny grounds and are playing netball, volleyball and football. At playtime you find them all over the place, having their midmorning snack on the rocks and under the trees. They love the freedom.

We have started a vegetable garden and the Grade 7s have planted a small mealie field.

Karate: Wandile, the karate black belt, 7 dans, karate teacher, has been teaching our children twice a week for the last two terms. This term our children attended a tournament and came away with bronze, silver and gold medals. The School is very proud of their performance. Karate is a wonderful self-defence discipline, and, in today’s world, it can only be to one’s benefit to be able to defend oneself.

The Grade 7s finished writing the Swaziland Primary Certificate exams last Thursday

and the Grade 6s hosted a lovely School Leavers’ Party for them at Eveni Lodge on Friday. They came, dressed up in all their finery, only to shed it all and jump into the swimming pool. All the teachers came, including the teachers from the pre-school. They taught many of the Grade 7s when they were little three-year-olds.

School will close for the Christmas holidays on Friday, 29th December.

We will have a short prize giving ceremony on Friday, at 10a.m.

Parents who would like to attend will be very welcome.

The pre-school is having their concert on Thursday, 28th at 9a.m.

I have engaged a pre-school administrator, Chantele Ward, to run the pre-school from next term. She is young, enthusiastic and full of plans for the coming year. If parents have any ideas for the pre-school, please share them with us.

We would like to put parents onto a mailing list so that we can communicate with you instantly when we need to. Please give us your e-mail addresses as soon as possible.

Our telephone numbers at the moment are Joy 76114551 and 24111822, and Khanyisile 76426321.

We, at The Little School, wish you all a very happy and safe holiday.

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