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After school care!

After school care:


After school the children wait for their parents, or their lifts, on the platforms.

The little ones – Grades 0, 1 and 2 – are escorted to the platforms by their teachers, who wait with them until the helper, Happy, arrives. The children stay on the platforms until their lift arrives. This way, children are not running around amongst the cars.

Some parents collect their children very late – as late, sometimes, as well after 4. This means that these children have been hanging around for over two hours or more. Happy is very good and waits with them until their parents arrive, but this is unfair on her, who also needs to get home. Please Parents, don’t take advantage in this way!

I appeal again to parents who allow their children to leave the school grounds and wait on the road for public transport. This is so dangerous. The children forget that they are on a main road and I often find them playing on the road.

Also, they are there, in a position to be accosted by passers by, who could be drug peddlers, paedophiles or child stealers. One shudders to think of the dangers they are being exposed to.

Congratulations to our Grade 7s

Last year, our school did better than ever: out of the 28 children who wrote the Swaziland Primary Certificate exam, we achieved 15 merits, 12 first class passes and one second class pass.

Well done, Grade 7!

Today we split the Grade 6 and the Grade 5 classes into double streams and they moved into their new classrooms.

And we have started our own Grade 0 class. The teacher is Margaret Daglish. The class is being run according to the Montessori system and the 20 little ones are really enjoying the new approach.

This year we have added a sports/physical education teacher to our staff: Teacher Dale Mark.

We also have Sensei Wandile teaching Karate and Stephanie Pfeiffer teaching ballet

at the school in the afternoons.