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Great news:

Wonderful news for The Little School! We will be going back to face-to-face teaching on Monday, 29th March 2021; Just over a whole year since we went into lock-down on the 23rd March 2020.

The teachers are ready, the pupils are ready and everyone is really looking forward to this coming Monday. It will be the best Monday of this past year.

But, do remember, Parents, Teachers and Pupils: Take care! We don’t want to go back into Lock-down.

Wear your masks at all times. Wash your hands often. Keep a social distance of two meters. And get vaccinated as soon as you are invited to do so.

Wellcome back to proper school, everyone!

Joy Farrell (Headmistress)

The Headmistress of The Little School

Today a little Grade 5 pupil told me that “today is the last day of school.” She said that she so vividly remembers the day in March when her teacher told the class: Tomorrow you must not come back to school. School will be closed until the Govt says we can all come back.” “And now a whole year of school is over!”

Yes, that is so, but it is not the whole story. And I want to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers and all the pupils and all the parents who have worked so hard at lessons this whole year. Teachers have had to learn new ways of dealing with pupils sitting in front of computers and tablets, and they have done so, brilliantly, using zoom and whatsapp and the telephone, and often giving one-to-one lessons to children who have asked for extra help. And parents and pupils have worked just as hard adapting to new ways of studying and learning. Parents have learned to “teach”, doing sometimes better than they expected, and achieving a closeness with their children which they had not anticipated. Children have suffered in many ways, but they too have learned from this enclosed situation: they have learned self-reliance and how to study on their own and they have often done very well in the exams, which have been conducted just as in a normal school year. The children have learned new ways of occupying their time, becoming increasingly creative, and they have had more time to watch and notice nature, which my little Grade 5 informant has certainly done.

And so, pupils, parents and teachers, I salute you, and congratulate you on your wonderful achievements this year, and I look forward to welcoming you back to school on the 5th of January 2021.

The Headmistress of The Little School.

The Jungle Book

The Emantjwele Children’s Theatre has produced another wonderful school play.

The Emantjwele Children’s Theatre is the name under which The Little School’s drama club produces plays. The drama club meets every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and is conducted by Frances Farrell and Teacher Simalline Chagwinya.

They staged ” The Jungle Book” at the Swaziland Theatre Club at the beginning of September and the three events were sold out for every performance. It was a spectacular achievement. The plays that The Emantjwele Children’s Theatre produces are not the usual school plays, but they are professional productions.117cc80a-34aa-432f-a245-dbf71aa43378.jpgee1687de-35c3-4af7-a91f-a7dd991cfccc.jpg697da33f-f578-41ca-87cb-545aeba1c17e.jpg8333d7c5-1e03-468d-a3b6-ff560a1e32f4.jpgf297476c-4bdf-46da-a711-bc87be0ec02d.jpgbdb2d166-dc01-4a7d-b97a-cf065c7ac336.jpg

Emantjwele Childrens’ Theatre Production: The Jungle Book

The Emantjwele Children’s Theatre Production of The Jungle Book will be staged at The Mbabane Theatre Club next week at the following times:

Wednesday, 31st July at 6.30 for 7p.m.

Thursday, 1st August at 6.30 for 7p.m

Friday, 2nd August afternoon, at 2 for 2.30 p.m.

Tickets are E70 for an adult and E30 for a child

“The Jungle Book” tells the story of the little Indian village boy, Mowgli, who appeared in Mother Wolf’s cave, having escaped the attack of the lame Tiger, Shere Khan.  Mowgli is adopted by the Wolf Pack and is taught the Law of The Jungle by the black panther, Bagheera and Baloo, the bear.

The Emantjwele Children’s Theatre is the drama club of The Little School. Their first production was “Joseph and His Amazing Coloured Coat” in 2013 followed by  “Oliver” in 2015, the “Wizard of Oz” in 2017 and now “The Jungle Book” next week!

Please do come and see the play. It is not just a “school play”, it is a theatre production. The children’s acting is wonderful, the sets and backdrops are beautiful and the costumes are amazing! We will see you all there.


U11 Soccer and Netball Festival

The school U11 netball and soccer teams were invited and participated at a sports festival on the 13th of July. Our teams were pitted in a 16 teams festival against some of Eswatini’s powerhouses. The players put up a great perfomance in the school’s first ever soccer and netball festival.

The results are as follows:

Drew with Usutu 2-2
Lost to Sifundzani 1-4
Lost to Thembelisha 2-8

Girls played Thembelisha in classification matches and lost 5-10. Overally, the girls were number 12 out of 16.

Lost to Usutu 1-2
Won vs Thembelisha 3-1
Won vs Sifundzani 2-0

Boys progressed to the Quarter finals and lost 2-0 to Living Waters School. That placed them as number 8 out of 16.





The Emantjwele Children’s Theatre

Out drama group at The Little School is enthusiastically  rehearsing for our forthcoming production of “The Jungle Book”.

Perhaps some of you parents will remember earlier productions put on by The Emantjwele Children’s Theatre“Oliver”,  “Joseph and his amazing coat” and “The Wizard of Oz”. All these plays were of a very high standard, so we are all looking forward to the new play.

Any parents who enjoy working in theatre and would like to volunteer to help with costumes, etc. would be welcomed with open arms by the directors, Frances Farrell and Simolline Mzekenyi.

The musical will soon be performed at The Swaziland Theatre Club. Dates and times will be announced.

We look forward to seeing you all there.

Hockey U14 Festival

IMG_20190627_105009On the 15th of June the Hockey boys team participated in a U14 Hockey Festival. The festival was hosted by Usutu Primary School in Mhlambanyatsi. The boys did not disappoint as they held their own against seasoned hockey playing schools.

The results of the games are as follows:

Little School vs Sifundzani, 0-0 draw
Little School vs Montessori, 1-0 win to us
Little School vs Enjabulweni. 0-1 loss
Little School vs Usutu, 0-1 loss

In light of these results, the team did not progress to the next stage. We fell a point short to make it into the semi-finals. The festival was eventually won by Sifundzani who beat Usutu in the finals.

On a brighter side, two of our players put up a noteworthy perfomance that they were selected into the Eswatini U14 Hockey All Star Team. The two are Lerato Shongwe and Zvikomborero Machinda(See picture above). We are proud of these two and their teammates for putting The Little School on the map.