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Some of the events planned for the coming weeks.

At the moment we are madly planting grass on our recently levelled football field. Every couple of days I go down to Vickerie’s to buy 3000 plugs of grass. We can only manage 3000 every two days.

We are going to get our PTA set up very soon.

We are going to have parents’ evenings for the parents to chat with their children’s teachers. We will stagger the evenings so that we don’t have problems with parking.

We are also planning morning tours of the school, where we will invite the principals of the various pre-schools and the parents of children who will be going to grade 1 next year.


Some dates to remember

Our half term break will be next week. The school will close at the normal time on Thursday, the 27th February and we will be closed on Friday, Monday and Tuesday. We will come back to school on Wednesday, 5th March.

School will close for the end of the term on Thursday,17th April and re-open for the second term on Tuesday, 13th May.

First Term, 2014.

Results of the Grade 7 Swaziland Primary Certificate exams.

They were excellent. We had 17 first class passes with merit, 5 first class passes and 2 second class passes out of 24 entrants.

We also had 3 students in the top 50 in the country and we ranked top school in the country.

Congratulations to the Grade 7s and to all the teachers, because the teachers from Grade 1 up are responsible for the school’s good results.