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Hockey U14 Festival

IMG_20190627_105009On the 15th of June the Hockey boys team participated in a U14 Hockey Festival. The festival was hosted by Usutu Primary School in Mhlambanyatsi. The boys did not disappoint as they held their own against seasoned hockey playing schools.

The results of the games are as follows:

Little School vs Sifundzani, 0-0 draw
Little School vs Montessori, 1-0 win to us
Little School vs Enjabulweni. 0-1 loss
Little School vs Usutu, 0-1 loss

In light of these results, the team did not progress to the next stage. We fell a point short to make it into the semi-finals. The festival was eventually won by Sifundzani who beat Usutu in the finals.

On a brighter side, two of our players put up a noteworthy perfomance that they were selected into the Eswatini U14 Hockey All Star Team. The two are Lerato Shongwe and Zvikomborero Machinda(See picture above). We are proud of these two and their teammates for putting The Little School on the map.


Hockey Friendly

On the 15th of May, we had our first sports friendly game of the year. The boys hockey teams travelled to Sifundzani Primary for the friendly games. The Little School U11 boys were victorious over their Sifundzani counterparts beating them 1-0. Their older siblings were not so fortunate going down 4-0 to the more seasoned Sifundani U14 boys.

The friendly matches were a good test and preparation for the teams for any upcoming events and festivals. The teams are learning are lot as they grow their talent and skills in this new sport.



Special mention goes to all the parents who came to watch and support us. Thanks a lot!

Athletics Day 2019

The second term kicked off on a high note as we held our Athletics Day on the 10th of May. It was all fun and joy as the school’s three houses, Red, Blue and Green competed for the crown of the Athletics Champions of the year 2019.

The tightly contested competition emerged with two houses tied for top spot. House Red and Blue came First in the competition and shared the spoils.

We also had trophies for the Victor and Victrix. These are the athletes who excelled and got the most points for their houses in the competition. The awards went to Ndukuyami Dlamini(Grade 3) as the Victor and Akhiwe Shabangu(Grade 7) as the Victrix.

Please find some of the action of the day in the pictures below.IMG_20190510_104247

2018 Grade 7 Results

Congratulations to the Grade Sevens of  2018

We wish to congratulate the Grade Seven class of 2018 for the excellent results they achieved in their SPC Exams.

We would also like to extend heartfelt thanks to teachers who through their diligence effort and willingness to always go the extra mile helped these students achieve their goal. Thank you Teacher Simolline, Mr. Motsi, Madame Theodette, Mrs Mahlambi and all the teachers who went before them.

The class attained : 14 Merits
9 First
5 Second
0 Third
0 Fail

Well done everyone!!!

Costume Day

In the third term of 2018, we had our inaugural Costume Day. Students got the chance to come to school dressed as their favorite TV characters or dressed as the professional they long to be when they grow up. From Superheroes to Doctors, children showcased their creativity and ambition since some of them made their own costumes. Below are some of the pictures from the day.

Culture Day 2018

IMG_20181024_084432On October 24 we held our annual Cultural day. Children and staff came wearing their cultural wear and they brought cultural food to showcase to their peers. We witnessed various dances and perfomances from the various cultures we house at the school at the morning assembly. Please find some of the pictures of the day below.

Half Term News

Dear Parents,

Mid-Term Break
After a successful first half of the 3rd term, we have come to the mid-term break. The school breaks from Thursday 18th October and resumes on Tuesday 22nd of October. Parents are informed that Thursday 18th is a normal full school day.

French Orals
The grade 7 classes will be doing their French Oral Exams on Friday 19th of October. Please send your children to school on this day for them to fulfill the examination requirements. Pupils should be at school by 7:30am until they finish their exam.

Culture Day
On Wednesday 24th of October, the school will hold its annual Culture Day. Pupils are encouraged to come dressed in their cultural wear. They can also bring their cultural foods to exhibit and share with the school. Pupils will be given the opportunity to showcase dances and activities from their cultures to the rest of the school at assembly. Parents are welcome to grace the event in the morning and be amazed with the children’s presentations.

Have a pleasant mid-term break

Kind Regards

Joy Farrell                                                                                           Frances Farrell

Principal                                                                                              Administrator






Newsletter, September 2018

Dear Parents,

Third Term: News

Supervised Homework

We are into the third term of 2018.
There has been one major new development: Supervised homework.
All the classes will have an hour of supervised homework; supervised by their class teacher and assistant teachers, who will help make sure the pupils are doing their work correctly and will pay special attention to pupils who work slowly or are having difficulty with a given task.For grades 1 and 2 the period ends at 1.30 and for grades 3 to 7 the period is from 2 to 3 p.m.

We have introduced this Supervised Homework period because we realised that many parents come home late from work and then have to cope with homework when they and their children are already tired. Also it gives children a chance to finish work they may not have finished in class. Altogether, we see that the benefits over the long term will be huge. It should mean that when the children leave school at 3p.m. they will be free to follow other activities such as playing and reading.It will also benefit the teaching in the school. The teacher will now have a class where everyone has done his/her homework and progress will be more productive.

New Teacher

We want to welcome a new member of staff – Mrs. Zubeida Khan Khaqan.
She is a qualified counselor and a qualified teacher.
She has already helped us considerably in dealing with troubled children and children who are bullies or are being bullied.

The School Hall

We are finishing the school hall finally, thanks to the Civvies money that we collect every Friday, and a very generous donation.
The children are allowed to wear civvies on Friday for a E5 charge. Every little bit helps!
Once the hall is completed we will have Ballroom Dancing classes, Karate classes, Judo classes and Gymnastics classes. Also we will be able to let out the hall for various functions.

The growth and developments we are witnessing at the school would not be possible without the support of you, our valued parents. We are truly grateful for your contributions to the school.

Thank you so much. Have a pleasant term!

Kind Regards

Joy Farrell                                                                                           Frances Farrell

Principal                                                                                              Administrator

School Hall

The construction of our School Hall is continuing. We are building the walls, the ceiling and a small tuck shop.

We would like to speed up the finishing of this project. If there are any contributors there willing to help us, YOU ARE MORE THAN WELCOME! Please contact the School or Mrs Farrell directly; our children and our entire School family will be forever grateful.