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The Emantjwele Children’s Theatre

In August The Little School’s drama group, called Emantjwele Children’s Theatre, put on a really wonderful show based on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat”, at the Swaziland Theatre Club. It was a great success and we decided that it deserved another showing. So, we asked Jiggs Thorne at House on Fire if we could perform it at his wonderful venue. He very kindly gave us the venue for free and we did another very good show. Hearing about it, the Mbabane Club asked us to perform again the following evening. We had wonderful comments of praise from everyone. Especial praise must go to Teacher Simolline, who taught the children the songs – without a single musical instrument, except the voice – and to Frances Farrell, who designed and made the lovely costumes. We have called the drama group The Emantjwele Children’s Theatre, because we don’t want to just be classed as a school drama group, but we really want to promote Children’s Theatre in Swaziland. We discovered wonderful talent among the children who joined the drama group, and they grew in power and talent during the performances.

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