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February, 2013.

Grade 7 Results: This is old news, because you all know by now how well The Little School did in the Grade 7 Primary Certificate exams. We achieved 12 merits, 11 first classes and 1 second class. We had 5 pupils in the top 50,one in the top 10 – more than any other school in the country.


The School is growing: We have employed four new teachers, and created a double stream for grades 1,2,3 and 4. The two grade one classes are full, but we have vacancies in Grades 2,3 and 4. We aim to keep the numbers to no more than 25 pupils per class.


The New School: We are on schedule to move into the new school in Pine Valley by the beginning of the second term. The school is situated on the Pine Valley road, two and a half kms from town.

It is an entirely eco-friendly school, both with the buildings and the surroundings. Mr Maxwell Simelane, a parent at the school, has contracted to run a transport service specifically for The Little School.

The Buildings. The walls have high insulation properties, both acoustic and thermal, meaning that they will keep the classrooms cool in summer and warm in winter; and are non-porous, which means that there will be no problem with damp. The floors are covered with rubber matting, for sound and insulation. The windows are large, thus giving sufficient fresh air and light.

A sewerage treatment plant is being installed on site. It works on a dual system, meaning that it operates at 50% capacity, and should there be a problem of any sort, the system will switch to the second half of the system. The effluent quality will exceed the WHO standards for  irrigation – so pure will it be. The effluent is treated and disinfected.

Agriculture: We have a beautiful area for agriculture, which should encourage a love of nature and gardening in all the pupils. The area is covered with shade cloth and has an underground irrigation system, which will help to make the children’s efforts really successful. We hope to try fish and vegetable farming in the future, and perhaps even make some money for the pupils from their efforts. The bird life around the dam and stream is amazing.

The Grounds: The playgrounds are big and beautiful. Trees are being planted to provide shady areas, and a site has been set aside for levelling to provide a sports field. A swimming pool is also being planned. This is a school for the future.

Teacher Training: Several of our teachers are going on a whole day First Aid course on Saturday.

On Thursday the teachers have begun a course with Mr Peter Shields, the well-known maths teacher from Waterford and St Marks High , and for many years the maths inspector for Hhohho. Mr Shields is going to give lectures on understanding maths with an aim to improving the standard of maths teaching in the school – a subject close to the heart of the headmistress.

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