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Little Known Facts about The Little School


Every year The Little School takes an orphan into Grade 0. The School pays for that child’s education from Grade 0 to Grade 7.

So far we have paid for the education of eleven children who started in Grade O and have gone right through to Grade 7. That is a total of 8 years of school fees for each child – 88 years of school fees!

We could take more orphans into the school if we had funding.

The School can only pay for a limited number of children from our own coffers.

Besides the education the School provides, some of the very poor children, who are not housed in orphanages, need funding for school uniforms and books and school outings.

Help for these children would be greatly appreciated by the School. We do have a charity, not for profit, account, at FNB in Mbabane. It is called The Emantjwele School Charity.

Emantjwele means “little chickens” and we regard these children, that we educate, as our little chickens. Some of them are already in high school.

Parents or any kind person or company who can find it in their hearts to contribute money or services to the school will have their names or companies on a plaque in the school hall, to be kept there for all to see for ever.

Every little bit will help.


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