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Newsletter, September 2018

Dear Parents,

Third Term: News

Supervised Homework

We are into the third term of 2018.
There has been one major new development: Supervised homework.
All the classes will have an hour of supervised homework; supervised by their class teacher and assistant teachers, who will help make sure the pupils are doing their work correctly and will pay special attention to pupils who work slowly or are having difficulty with a given task.For grades 1 and 2 the period ends at 1.30 and for grades 3 to 7 the period is from 2 to 3 p.m.

We have introduced this Supervised Homework period because we realised that many parents come home late from work and then have to cope with homework when they and their children are already tired. Also it gives children a chance to finish work they may not have finished in class. Altogether, we see that the benefits over the long term will be huge. It should mean that when the children leave school at 3p.m. they will be free to follow other activities such as playing and reading.It will also benefit the teaching in the school. The teacher will now have a class where everyone has done his/her homework and progress will be more productive.

New Teacher

We want to welcome a new member of staff – Mrs. Zubeida Khan Khaqan.
She is a qualified counselor and a qualified teacher.
She has already helped us considerably in dealing with troubled children and children who are bullies or are being bullied.

The School Hall

We are finishing the school hall finally, thanks to the Civvies money that we collect every Friday, and a very generous donation.
The children are allowed to wear civvies on Friday for a E5 charge. Every little bit helps!
Once the hall is completed we will have Ballroom Dancing classes, Karate classes, Judo classes and Gymnastics classes. Also we will be able to let out the hall for various functions.

The growth and developments we are witnessing at the school would not be possible without the support of you, our valued parents. We are truly grateful for your contributions to the school.

Thank you so much. Have a pleasant term!

Kind Regards

Joy Farrell                                                                                           Frances Farrell

Principal                                                                                              Administrator

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